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Please fill in our questionnaire below, or click here to download a hard copy.

1. Contact Details
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2. Family details
Name of Spouse or Partner
Children's Names and Ages
Pets, eg. horse, pony, dog, etc.
Interests you would like to pursue close to home, eg.walking, golf, sailing, riding, etc.
3. General type of location
What is the general type of location you are looking for?
4.Type of property
How would you best describe what you are looking for?
5. Condition of property
Condition of property
Number of reception rooms
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
7. Land & outbuildings
Size of garden
Stabling necessary
Any other preferences on wish list eg. tennis court, swimming pool,woodland, type of views, eg. rural, hills, over water, etc.
8. Budget
Maximum if in perfect condition
9. Location
What areas would you like us to search?
Are there any towns, schools, airports or rail or road links you would like to be close to?
10.Your solicitor’s details
Name or key contact within firm
Name of firm
Solicitor's Address
Solicitor's Telephone
Solicitor's Fax
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11.How did you hear about us.
How did you hear about us?
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